I don’t give a damn about wrinkly elbows! Geesh people

As the big 50 approaches, I’m getting a whole new genre of spam. “You’re getting older and worse but don’t worry we can fix it. Just hand over your credit card.”

I could get a knee lift, just like Demi Moore, Health magazine tells me in their How to Fix the 9 Worst Signs of Aging.

It’s a slide show of the usual litany of flaws that accompany aging bodies: droopy breasts, wrinkly necks, spotted hands, wimpy eyelashes, thinning hair, and sagging elbows. No need to follow the link. Nothing new except new to me, wrinkly elbows. Elbows?

Who knew that elbows could sag? I didn’t.

Who cares about sagging elbows? Not me.

Frankly, I’m not worried about any of these. You?

I even discovered a new word when I made the mistake of googling “wrinkly elbows.” See below. And don’t make my mistake.

See First thoughts on turning 50, On not growing old gracefully and Middle age bellies, body acceptance, and menopause for my views about some this aging stuff.

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5 thoughts on “I don’t give a damn about wrinkly elbows! Geesh people

  1. Now this was some funny shiz, Sam!
    I do take a bit of glee in knowing that it’s the really thin women who tend to have the wrinkly, sagging knee and elbow issues. One benefit to being a wee bit heavier. 🙂

  2. That article in Health is horrible! What a great way to generate insecurity. But I am pleased to now know the word for wrinkly elbows.

  3. I did not know about wrinkly elbows either. I can’t imagine anyone judging me by my elbows and if they did they are the ones with serious problems. Enjoyed this post 🙂

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