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Look at You! (#2)

Today we are profiling a colleague of ours from Western, Savita Dhanvantari.  Love this picture!


I’m a scientist, swimmer and lover of the great outdoors. This is a selfie after a terrific swim this summer at Gibbons Park pool in London, Ont. I belong to a Master’s swim club, the London Silver Dolphins, and our motto is “fun, fit and fast”. Fun comes first! Swimming is an inclusive sport: people of all ages, body types and physical abilities can do it. On our team, there are ex-Olympians, Para-Olympians, Special Olympians, and age groups 20-87, all swimming together, pushing and motivating each other, and having a blast.

My other ways of staying active, in order of “fun”: cross-country skiing, canoeing the magnificent lakes and rivers of southern Ontario, hiking in the woods. My workouts at the gym include free weights and machines, treadmill, spin class or stationary bike. I started following this blog a few months ago, and am really enjoying the conversations and issues around fitness and feminism. I, too, am “almost 50”; 2015 is my year!

If you’d like to be profiled in “Look at You!” please send a photo of yourself in action and a 75-150 word bio focusing on what you do to stay active. You can send your submissions to fitfeminist50@gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. That’s me in my paradise. Outdoor swimming is the awesomest form of exercise! I’ve motivated a bunch of colleagues at work to take up swimming by dragging them out to the Gibbons Park pool.

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