Race Weekend: Wish Me Luck at the Lakeside Give-It-a-Tri!

lakeside_race_site_layout_securitySamantha is playing with the big guns this weekend in a serious bike race, the Gran Fondo Niagara. Me? I’m determined to finally do an actual triathlon, so I’ve signed up for the now SOLD OUT Lakeside “Give It a Tri.”  I am SO excited for this race.

As regular readers will know, the Kincardine Women’s Triathlon back in July was changed to a duathlon because of very cold water (10 degrees C).  That disappointed me because I’m a strong swimmer and was excited about getting a good head start on that part of the race.

This weekend, the lake is predicted to be 21 degrees C. Still on the cool side but definitely swimmable. Tara has kindly loaned me her triathlon wetsuit, so I’m pretty geared up for the swim. It’s a brief 400 metres. No problem for me.

That will be followed by a 10K bike ride.  I can do that.  And I might be doing it on my new bike (report on the bike shopping experience coming next week)!

And finally, a little 2.5K run.  I’m still slow, but I am totally comfortable with that distance.

I put out a call for company and my niece, Jolene, on Renald’s side of the family, rose to the occasion. She’s been practicing her swimming, the part she’s most fearful of, and I’m expecting her to kick butt in the run!  My friend Dawn is coming along as moral support and official photographer!

Super excited!

Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “Race Weekend: Wish Me Luck at the Lakeside Give-It-a-Tri!

  1. Go for it! Ride your new bike. It’s a flat course, or it was when I practised on it. Just get comfortable shifting and you’ll be fine. And perfect to have regular pedals. You’re doing it for a speedy transition. Yay. Go Tracy!

  2. I just saw the new Ruby purchase– sweeeet! Enjoy, be safe, hydrate and fuel well, and let us know how it went!

    catherine w

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