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Summer colds, wet suit woes, and tough triathlon decisions

I’m struggling with wet suit decisions about the triathlon in Kincardine next week. The water is cold and I don’t like the cold. I could channel my inner seal but I  don’t think that will work.

Tracy’s post about wet suits (and other aspects of clothing choices) makes her decisions clear. My daughter isn’t wearing a wet suit. I think she wants to do the whole thing in a bikini and bare feet! I wrote about the marshmallow foot cushions that pass for modern running shoes but I think she’s more taken with barefoot aesthetics and the experience of it.  She’s also by temperament into gear minimalism and frugality. Good character traits for a university student and outdoor adventurer.

I really don’t want to swim in a wetsuit for the first time the day of. That was the mistake I made last time. Here’s where I say that I will be sure to do some lake swimming in advance in a wet suit. (Yikes. Oh well.) Swimming in a wetsuit is different. I really enjoyed reading Adventures in open water swimming #4: Of wetsuits and jellyfish about the experience. But my problems are all practical. I can’t afford to buy one, given other life choices I’ve made (hello rowing, hello Crossfit) and the range of rental sizes doesn’t seem to include me.

I thought maybe I’d work on getting faster. I’m a very slow swimmer, last out of the water last time (of the people who finished and weren’t rescued) but I’ve been battling a summer cold that’s made breathing tricky. Breathing is my big challenge with swimming at the best of times. I’m not getting faster.

So at the end of the day I may choose not to do this triathlon with Tracy. If that happens I’ll try to do one at summer’s end when the water is warmer, I’ve gotten smaller (ha!) or a wet suit that fits has fallen in my lap.

I’ll let you know what I decide to do. I’m not particularly anxious about it and either way I’ll be there to cheer on Tracy, my daughter, and Tracy’s friend Tara. It’s a fun event. And I’ve done it twice before and I can do it again in the future even if this time doesn’t work out.


8 thoughts on “Summer colds, wet suit woes, and tough triathlon decisions

  1. You might check in with your local kayaking community. Unlike runners (maybe), most kayakers I know own multiple wet suits (and multiple boats, it’s an obsession). Some of them may already be there on race day helping with water support, and some might have an idea what size and style would fit you… Just a thought…

  2. Ooh, I hope you feel better soon. Even if you don’t decide to do the triathlon, I hope you feel better just because being sick is the pits.

  3. Decision time! I’m feeling better. Cold is mostly gone but I still haven’t found a wet suit and I’m nervous about swimming without one. So I’ve swapped over to the duathlon option. Hate the second run but glad I’ll still be taking part!

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