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This is how I feel sometimes about Aikido

I do lots of sports I’m pretty okay at. After all, being good at something makes it more fun. That’s part of what attracts us to the physical activities we choose. I’m a reasonably decent cyclist and I thrive on the intensity of Crossfit workouts. Speed and strength are my friends. Coordination, grace, and artful movement, not so much.

It’s a challenge sometimes for me to stick with Aikido because I find it so hard. I find myself thinking that I’d make bigger gains doing something else. But there are also rewards that come from doing something that’s difficult for you. So much more to learn. And I do get better. Just slowly. One basic movement at a time.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say I found this blog post and feel exactly the same about aikido. I’ve been doing it 17 years!

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