Report on my week with The Rock Clock

What? The Rock Clock and My Week.

Why? The Allure of Very Early Mornings

Monday: The Rock’s alarm was set for 4:10 but I set mine for 5. Turned it off and went back to sleep until 5:45. But hey, I was on time for my 6:45 train. Thanks for the drive Sarah!

Tuesday: The Rock set his alarm for 3:50 (!) I went for the more moderate 5:15. Checked my phone and answered some emails, played some Scrabble moves, and did physio in bed so by the time I actually got out of bed it was 6. Still, a success. More than 7 hours sleep last night. And I got some writing in before the day began for real.

Wednesday: Up at 6, my pre-Rock clock usual, but I need to be extra well rested because I’m in the classroom for five hours on Wednesday. Midday, I’m sleepy but that’s always true for me on Wednesdays. I didn’t even notice what time The Rock’s alarm was set for.

Thursday: It worked! Up at 5 and writing. On the train to Guelph at 7. When I was through my work day, a holiday party, and dinner it felt like midnight. Actually it was 9 pm. But I went to bed anyway.

Friday: I didn’t set the alarm. Sorry Dwayne. It’s not you. It’s me. I’ll see you next week. Maybe? Hmmm.

(I don’t set an alarm on the weekends but I peeked to check up on The Rock. He sets his for 6 am. Sleeping in, Rock-style.)

(Video description: A promotional video by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson advertising his new alarm clock.)