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Planuary – now with fewer actual plans.

Waaaaaaaay back in December, I felt so busy and distracted that I decided this month would be Planuary

I was going to take my time and ease into my ideas and plans for the year ahead.

And then, on January 1, I woke to the news that my Dad was in the hospital and all my plans to plan went out the window.

A GIF of a toddler throwing money out the window of a house
Image description: a black and white GIF of a toddler in a floppy hat throwing money out the window of a house.

Now, obviously, my priorities are very clear here – I have to be there for my Dad and be part of the family team making sure all is well. I’m not troubling myself with concerns of what is or is not getting done otherwise.

But, even though I am not putting pressure on myself to make big plans (or any plans at all, actually), this situation requires me to balance my family care with taking good care of myself.

So, when I’m not at the hospital, I’m prioritizing rest and relaxation – and that includes some movement.

I’m still taking Khalee for walks, of course, and I’m doing stretches and yoga, all things that don’t take a lot of planning or forethought.

And, on top of that, I am doing a few exercises from one of my new favourite Instagram people – Trisha Durham – aka OhTrisha

I just love how she invites us to just move and play. I know lots of people are giving advice on how to do that but her suggestions feel especially doable right now.

Here’s a link to a ‘teacup drill’ that I particularly like even though I am awful at it so far. (Starting at awful is kind of the point.) There are no actual teacups involved – you are lying down and balancing something on your foot or hand and rolling and moving as much as you can without dropping it.

For the record, I always quickly drop it but I don’t care.

I had actually bought Durham’s book Movement Snacks back in December and it arrived late last week. I took it to the hospital with me yesterday and tried a few of the movements while my Dad was sleeping and the extra (and different) moments really helped.

If you feel like a few extra movements could add something good to your day, give her IG a try.

Let me know how it goes!