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Sam gives Meatless Monday a try, or how perfection gets in the way

I’m feeling inspired by Tracy’s recent post over at her practical vegan blog. Last week she wrote about Meatless Monday and wrote a post of suggested tips for giving it a go.

I’ve long felt of myself as an aspiring vegan. I’m a pescatarian but mostly vegetarian eater. The reasons aren’t that complicated. I’m concerned about animal welfare and I think contemporary farming methods treat animals with cruelty, disrespect, and disregard. I’d think it’s better not to give these industries our money.

While I’m not ready to completely make the leap, I like the one day week vegan commitment that is Meatless Monday. It gives me a chance to focus my efforts and I’ll how hard it is (or not).

To get ready I bought maple flavored oat milk for coffee in the morning. I thought about my lunch and dinner choices. All good.

And then Sunday night we had veggie burgers on the BBQ for dinner. Leftovers. Excellent. Except we’d put cheese on the burgers.

So I’m not about to throw out leftovers and they really need to eaten the next day. I thought about abandoning Meatless Monday but that’s ridiculous. My choice is either Meatless Monday (veganism) plus a cheese slice or vegetarian Monday.

In a way this moment encapsulated a thing Tracy often talks about, how perfection stops people from aiming in the direction of veganism. So in the spirit of the Tracy’s new blog, I decided to keep going and it’ll be an imperfect vegan Monday to begin.

Broccoli and carrots, Scopio