Sick, sick, sick, and sick of it. Hack. Cough. Wheeze. Blerg.

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I took my FitBit off this week in disgust. There is nothing good to report. I’m not moving much because when I move I start coughing. I’m also not sleeping particularly well, because coughing.


I’m trying to keep my spirits up. I’m vaguely happy that it’s snowing because I can’t do anything anyway.

This morning’s Facebook status update: “Okay, yes it’s snowing. But I’m still sick and can’t do much anyway. Highs in the teens over the weekend. High of 20 in the forecast for next week. The snow will melt. I will stop coughing. And I will ride my bike again.”

And yes, I’m doing all the things. Drinking hot tea with honey, eating soup, resting, I promise.

When you have a cold and lingering cough, what’s your preferred ‘feel better’ thing to do? Last time I was this sick I see it lasted a month. Yikes.

(Apparently I like to Google image search for “too sick to work out” and “missing my bike.”)

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