Who wants a free audiobook? Tracy’s giveaway

Last week Sam gave away three copies of our new audiobook version of Fit at Mid-Life: A Feminist Fitness Journey. We love that there is an audio version of the book now. Our narrator, Adrienne Cornette, did a fantastic job reading it. And our agent, Lisa Adams, put in a lot of time reviewing the drafts and imposing her exacting standards to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Image description: audiobook cover with blurb at top that says “A gateway to radical body confidence, ” Louise Green author of Big Fit Girl. Then it says “Samantha Brennan & Tracy Isaacs” and then in large block letters “FIT AT MID-LIFE: A Feminist Fitness Journey.”

This week it’s my turn for a giveaway! I too have some codes. And I’m eager to share them. And you hardly have to do anything (but not nothing). We’d like a bit of help promoting the audiobook. There are two ways you can do that and be eligible for the audiobook contest:

  1. Share this post on Twitter and tag us @FitFeminists so we know you did.
  2. Share this post from our Facebook page (where it will appear today) and if you share it we’ll be able to see that you did as long as your settings on that share are public.

I’ll close the contest at noon Eastern Time (Daylight Savings!) on Sunday and announce the winners.

Thanks and good luck!

Image description: low angle shot of Tracy and Sam standing in the street in workout gear, Sam on her bike with one foot on the ground, both wearing sunglasses, smiling, a low industrial building and a stop sign in the background, overcast sky.