Sam is “Hustling for the Harvest” with a College of Arts team


At Fit is a Feminist Issue we’ve had a lot to say about workplace wellness schemes. Not all of it positive. See here and here and here and here.

And then Tracy and I have had lots to say about step counting for work, here’s me and here’s Tracy

Now here I am at my new job at a university with a big focus on workplace wellness. So far I’m loving it.  I’ve been on walking tours of campus. I took part in a university bike to work program. And now I’m team co-captain of the College of Arts Activity Challenge, Hustle for the Harvest. 




“It’s the last day of summer and the first day of our 2 week activity challenge which runs September 21st – October 5th  FHT to Move 2-Week Activity Challenge (SIGN UP AND JOIN TEAM “College of Arts, U of Guelph”), Team Co-Captains Samantha Brennan, Dean and Chris Lee, Manager, Information Technology Systems. We’ve entered a College of Arts team in the Guelph Family Health Team’s FHT to MOVE “Hustle for the Harvest” two-week activity challenge. From September 21 to October 6, participants can use the FHT to MOVE online portal to track your daily activity minutes.  Any type of activity counts, whether you prefer to rollerblade, practice yoga, garden, or play tennis. The activity challenge helps promote a healthy lifestyle. This team-based challenge allows you to see your individual results. Share your results publicly or use them as an anonymous personal motivator, while helping our COA team challenge other organizations. Visit to find out more about this fun and fit challenge. Here’s hoping you can join us!”

What do I like about it? You can share your personal achievements with others on the team or not. It’s not just step counting. All forms of movement can count. PHEW! And it’s only 2 weeks long.