Getting up and getting down with my new knees

We’ve blogged before about getting up from the floor and its importance. See me here and Catherine more critically here.

The floor, in this case, a light blond hardwood floor

I’ve been struggling a bit with getting up from the floor with my new knees and being able to get up and down to do floor exercises was an issue when I started physio. I managed but it wasn’t graceful! There might might have been muttered swearing involved. But now my knees hurt less and I’m getting better at it, even trying the no-hands version.

I love this video from Fatgirlrunning about her technique:

I can’t embed it so you’ll just have to go watch it on Facebook.

Here’s Fatgirlrunning’s comment which I also loved: “Honestly I’m overwhelmed by all the perfect looking mobility-challenge videos out there, because many of them are very advanced and feel a little shame-y—how about the “old man test?”, or if you don’t already have a really deep squat or can get down onto and up from the floor in a crisscross applesauce position, YOU FAIL. I don’t want folks to get discouraged because a movement is too complex or advanced. That said, if you are able to practice getting up from the ground, or your chair, a few times a day in whatever way works for you, give it a try! Here’s how I do it-thanks @lsfitnessnyc for teaching me this way. It does require some hip mobility, balance, quad strength, and ankle mobility as well, so absolutely work on that too! (Also my hip seized as I was demonstrating so um, WARM UP and ease into it! I had just gotten off my bike 😂) Thanks for watching this interlude during an @nhpbs shoot today!”

Maybe now I can do the basic I could try this challenge?

Let us know what you think....