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Sam bikes to her new fancy gym!

So a confession, I’ve been driving to my fancy new gym. I mean, it’s bad enough going to a fancy gym but then also driving there? What’s even happening to me?

I started doing it for reasons that made sense. I was recovering from knee surgery, and while I was riding on the trainer, riding outdoors on my real bike was another matter.

I used to share memes like the ‘moment of silence’ one below, but I’ve come to realize that people have lots of different reasons for driving to the gym. Some cities have non-existent cycling infrastructures. Depending on where you live and the time of year, there may be weather issues. Some people have balance issues that make riding a stationery bike in a fitness class possible even if riding outside isn’t. And for a time, that was me, I was recovering from surgery.

But now I’m riding outside again, and I love it, I ought to figure out a way to ride to the gym.

And this week, I did it!

It’s a bit more work organizing stuff, fitting it in panniers and storing panniers in lockers than it is dashing in and out from the car. But on the bright side, I don’t have to take the car home and get a drive to work. (I don’t park on campus. See this morning’s post. )

One thought on “Sam bikes to her new fancy gym!

  1. My main issue with biking to my own fancy-ish gym is the lack of indoor bike parking. There is outdoor bike parking, but I live in Halifax where it rains a lot. The underground parking lot where the cars stay nice and dry is managed by another business. I can park in a nearby garage but it is still a little annoying.

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