Meditation: Time for a restart

I’m writing this on the start of my vacation. That might seem a little mundane, but for me it’s a Big Deal. Five months ago I started a new, permanent job, returning to an industry I had left behind to have kids and go to school. The past six years or so, I have been working interesting and fun, but unstable (and underpaid!) jobs on contracts. It is not lost on me that having paid time off (PTO in the business world) is a tremendous privilege, and I am thinking about how to best take advantage of this privilege.

Truth is, I’m really tired, after throwing myself head-long back into a career I had left twenty years ago. It has been awesome and it has been intense.

Happily, I am having a pretty relaxed vacation and excited to have my whole family come visit me in Ontario from British Columbia. We will spend a lot of time at southwest Ontario’s beautiful beaches and do some city-tourism.

A photo of two chairs in a vegetable garden, against a fence
A lo-fi photo of my meditation spot in my garden. Gardening always makes me happy so it was the perfect place for me to start!

I am thinking that this vacation is also an opportunity to re-start a regular meditation practice. I started meditating out of necessity (for my mental health!) early in the COVID crisis, when I was really struggling. I found peace by doing simple meditations with an app, in my beautiful vegetable garden.

I subscribed to the app so I had more choices, and I meditated regularly and even followed a few “courses.”

These days, though, “post” COVID as we seem to say, I haven’t taken the time to meditate. I miss it. So I am declaring here that I’m going to restart! Hold me to it, if you are so inclined readers. I can use the accountability :). Really though, I am ready for it.

One thought on “Meditation: Time for a restart

  1. HI Amanda and happy vacation to you! Also, welcome back to meditation. As an almost-everyday meditator, I know it’s always there when we come back to it, no matter when. And every sit is different, which is cool. If you want some accountability or other support in coming back to it, let me know. It’s good for me, too. Enjoy your week off!

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