Peace and quiet as recovery

There’s a full moon as I write this, and the quiet is still and deep. In the trees, no birds chirp, the road in the distance is empty and even the wind is asleep, leaving the aspens silent.

I am spending a few days away on my annual retreat. I’m enjoying a few days away from the demands of work. There’s no phone and few, if any, “house” noises. Occasionally, if I listen hard, the overhead fans give a little creak.

it’s been an intense three years, with more ups and downs than a roller coaster. I’ve learned that time without an agenda or schedule is a requirement for rebooting and recharging my mind and body.

If I feel like eating, I eat. If I feel like napping, I nap. If I want a walk, off I pop.

Using an intuitive approach has been surprisingly exciting. I forget how programmed my days and weeks are. It helps I left my laptop at home, deciding at the last minute that correspondence might be all I manage while away.

I’ve read three books since I’ve arrived in my off the beaten track escape. None of them have anything to do with my work. I deliberately left the stack of work reads on the side of my desk.

Next week will be time enough to lace up the walking shoes for a ramble. This week is meant for chill afternoons, iced cucumber water at hand, and the latest instalment on my summer book list.

Let us know what you think....