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Seeking Some Core Fun

Given that a lot of exercises for your core are 1) repetitive 2) tricky 3) hard, it’s no wonder that my brain hates them and finds them boring.

I can do plank…if I can also read at the same time (it’s hard to turn pages though) because plank is booooooorrrrring.

I can do dead bugs but there seems to be so many variations that my brain always insists I am doing the “wrong” ones. Besides that, they’re boring.

I flatly refuse to do crunches because they feel bad, no matter how careful I am with my form. Oh, and they’re boring.

Yeah, I know that exercise is about exercise not about being fun or interesting.

But I also know that I have ADHD and if I don’t make it fun or interesting, I won’t do it. In fact, it will barely be a blip on my to do list radar.

Baby Jump GIF by ProBit Global - Find & Share on GIPHY
This looks fun, do you think it would help strengthen my core? Image description: A GIF of a big round brown seal bumping down a path on its belly while two people walk along behind

So, I’ve been trying to find core exercises that feel good, are kind of interesting and that have the possibility of being fun.

The video below from Heart and Bones Yoga looks promising but I’d like to find some more ideas.

Got any suggestions for me?

Clearly I am not the only one who finds this stuff boring, Brea from Heart and Bones Yoga thinks lots of people feel that way. Image/link description: A video from Heart and Bones Yoga’s Instagram account. In the image, the instructor is wearing black shorts and a black tank top and crawling on a wooden floor on her hands and on the balls of her feet.

Let us know what you think....