Knees, scars, and summer dresses, oh my

A friend was at a party the other day and someone asked her if her friend, also at the party, had recently had knee surgery. A third person piped up and said that clearly she hadn’t had knee surgery because she was wearing a knee length summer dress. “She wouldn’t wear that if she had knee surgery.”

Ridiculous, right?

You’re not going to not wear shorts and dresses just because you’ve had knee replacement surgery. And yet, while I’m perfectly comfortable wearing bike shorts and gym clothes that reveal my knee scars, I confess I sometimes wonder about my shorter skirts and summer dresses. It took me a few weeks to get used to it.

I confess too that I did buy a few longer skirts.

Gradually though I’ve gotten used to seeing my knee scars in my work clothes. Like my tattoos they’ve become part of me very quickly. It’s the new way I’m going to be able to date summer photos, before or after knee surgery.

Sam’s right knee scar (the left one is almost a year old now and less noticeable)

It’s funny too because I now notice how many other people have had knee surgery. I see evidence of knee replacement surgery all around me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t notice before.

Here’s me dressed for work in one of my favorite pink dresses, white jacket, and pink sandals. Even my toe nails are pink. I was Barbie themed last week without even planning it.

How about you? Do you have knee scars? Do the affect what you wear at all?

One thought on “Knees, scars, and summer dresses, oh my

  1. Hiding scars only perpetuates the myth of perfection and delicacy. And love the matching sandals and toenails–much more noticeable than a scar.

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