Top Ten June 2023 Posts, #ICYMI

We all loved Catherine’s post: Meet our newest sports hero: Jolien Boumkwo, Belgian shot-putter and substitute hurdler. And it was the most read post in June

A lemur (?) shot put

Cate’s still menstruating post was the second most read post in June. We’re not shocked.

In 2019 Catherine wrote about yoga poses she can’t do and what she does instead. Yoga poses was the third most read post on the blog in June.

Tracy’s 2013 post The shape of an athlete was the 4th most read post in June. I still love that post too!

How’s your vulva doing? may turn out to be another long lived and loved blog classic by Cate. This month it was our 5th most read post.

FIFI book club: “You just need to lose weight” and 19 other myths about fat people (section two) organized by Catherine was number 6.

My A real life lesson in muscle loss and aging was our 7th most read post this month.

Tiny colorful weights

The sit-rise test: trying to get up to save my life (2017) by Catherine was our 8th most read post.

My post Are my sixties for strength, wonders Sam was number 9.

The 10th most read post was Sam goes glamping and isn’t even embarrassed about. it

This didn’t happen to our very large tent

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