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Choose from this list of 35 best women’s sports podcasts.

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From the New York Times, “You’re slow, buddy,” a man shouted at Martinus Evans during the New York City Marathon, adding an expletive to indicate just how slow. “Go home.” Evans tried to ignore him, but as the bystander repeated his taunt, Evans got angrier — then inspired. He created the Slow AF Run Club, a community for back-of-the-packers. And this month, he’s releasing his first book, “Slow AF Run Club: The Ultimate Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Run.”

You can order the book here.

Slow AF Run Club


Read about Biking While Black, directed by Yolanda Davis-Overstreet here,

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  1. OMG! You forgot “Unchained” the Netflix special about the 2022 Tour de France (available on June 8 in U.S.). Ok, so it’s about the men’s race, but still very good. High drama. British and French production.

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