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It’s Pride Month and there are lots of great Pride playlists on Spotify. Here’s one, Pride Party 2023 and here’s another Pride Parade 2023. You can listen while doing one of the Zwift Pride rides, or not. Just dance in your kitchen. That’s fun too.

Photo by Carlos de Toro @carlosdetoro on Unsplash. White sneakers on a rainbow.


I’m definitely going to watch this movie. “Les Échappées (The Breakaway) is an inspiring new film that follows Louise Roussel and Océane Le Pape on a 3,000-kilometer ride around France to meet more than 200 women who share a passion for cycling in its many forms. “


I’ve added Coffee First, Then the World to my reading list.

Here’s a description,

“In 2018, amateur cyclist Jenny Graham left family and friends behind in Scotland to become the fastest woman to cycle around the world. Alone and unsupported, she crossed the finish line at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin four months later, smashing the female record by nearly three weeks.

With infectious wit and honesty, Jenny brings readers into her remarkable Round the World adventure, as she takes on four continents, 16 countries – and countless cups of coffee. Her journey swerves from terrifying near road collisions in Russia and weather extremes in Australia to breathtaking landscapes in Mongolia and exhilarating wildlife encounters in North America. Tight on time and money, she resorts to fixing her bike on the fly, sleeping on roadsides and often riding through the night to stay on track and complete her mission.

As she battles physical and mental challenges to race against the clock, Jenny gradually opens up to the joy of the adventure and all its daily discoveries. She gives in to her impulse to connect with people, making friends with strangers across the globe and embracing new cultures.

Coffee First, Then the World is her account of a record-breaking ride, and how one woman and a humble bike conquered the world.”

See Laura Killingbeck’s review Eight Things I Learned from Round-The-World Record Holder Jenny Graham.

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