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Christianity, double standards, yoga pants, and leggings

The recent internet frenzy about women and yoga pants began with this heterosexist, patriarchal tweet,

And as the official feminist academic voice on leggings and yoga pants (only half joking), see Ban leggings on campus? Ludicrous – wearing leggings allows women to move like superheroes, I felt I needed to chime in if only to say that I thought it was well, heterosexist and patriarchal.

I shared it with the blog team to see if anyone had anything more profound to add. Someone suggested that you might also choose to wear yoga pants on your way to divorce court after leaving this guy and any other guys who hold this opinion.

Probably the best internet response came from Twitter user @shesbonky. She honed in on the double standard angle of it all.

“In honor of stupid Christians pretending that women’s leggings are too revealing, each day I will be posting a photo of a man, exercising in almost nothing, in public spaces,” @shesbonky tweeted and shared a photo of a man jogging topless.

You read more here:

What’s the best response you’ve seen on social media to the tweet that started it all?

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3 thoughts on “Christianity, double standards, yoga pants, and leggings

  1. I don’t know how it’s possible that I’m once again stunned by a man’s venal, cupid, possessive nature around women. Then again–maybe I’m optimistic and that’s ok. And full disclosure–other than for yoga, I don’t even wear yoga pans by myself around the house.

  2. Will we ever stop freaking out over the human body? Rhetorical Question.

    It’s one thing to ask people to dress modestly if they are visiting a Mosque or some other cultural space that has certain customs. But the public realm is another matter.

    I don’t have the energy to get worked up over this silly tweet. I’m putting on some leggings and going for a run.

  3. I find myself wondering what he would suggest women wear to swim…and does he watch gymnastics in the Olympics? should ballet be illegal? would it be better for us to wear shorts to run? and so on.

    But I don’t intend to follow him to find out what he thinks!

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