Things I’m looking forward to this week

Tuesday marks one month since my second knee replacement surgery.

Celebrate every tiny victory

While recovery from knee replacement surgery is a long slog, here are some of the things I’m looking forward to this week.

♥️ I put my gym membership on hold for a month and that ends Tuesday. Tuesday I’m back to the gym for some upper body weight training and some time on the recumbent bike.

♥️ I pedaled backwards six times today on my bike that’s on the trainer at my house. Pretty soon, I’m guessing this week, I’ll be able to manage a full pedal rotation forwards. You can read here about how I discovered that backwards is easier than forwards.

♥️ End of the week Sarah and I are going to go visit Jeff on the boat. You can read about his summer boating plans here.

Escapade and the Toronto skyline at night

♥️ Cheddar and I are looking forward to some longer dog walks together. We might go visit the Arboretum with my mother and Charlie and Chase. I can’t drive yet so that would be a team effort.

♥️ Speaking of team efforts, my mother and I have some garden centre visiting to do before I get back to work.

A garden centre

♥️ And speaking of work, my plan is to gradually start looking at my email and tackle some small tasks as I start to get my energy back. I’m booking some meetings and looking forward to my return to campus.

Anyway, wish me luck. It’s a long haul and a lot of work but I’m excited about the summer ahead.

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