Last x before surgery…

Okay, I’ve set up work auto-reply for medical leave.

Thank you for your message. I am on medical leave, recovering from knee replacement surgery. All going well, I expect to back in the office Monday, May 24th. Professor … and Professor …. will be taking turns as Acting Dean of the College of Arts while I am away and they can be reached at If you need to schedule a time to see me on my return, please contact the Administrative Officer of the College of Arts…

That takes effect Tuesday.

But today is my last day working on campus.

Today was also my last day of personal training.

It’s my last day of bike commuting.

Last night was the last night of physio devoted to my left knee. I felt like it deserved a graduation ceremony. I’ll be back there of course next week for the right knee.

This weekend I’m finishing my Zwift training plan–Build Me Up Light.

I’m also putting all my winter work clothes away.

Don’t wish me luck just yet. I’m blogging Monday and surgery is Tuesday.

And look, spring finally arrived on campus!!!

Spring on campus

Let us know what you think....