Two week countdown to second knee replacement surgery and five good things

I’m on the home stretch to second knee replacement surgery. It’s scarily close. And my left knee is getting better and better.

I thought I’d share some of my good left knee news.

1. This week I made my step goal five days running. Well, not running. Definitely not running. Walking. You know what I mean.

2. I’m Zwifting more often and it feels more normal. That first few minutes of stiffness is getting shorter and shorter. Also, Estee my physiotherapist had this great idea, stretch first. It helps! She’s a rock star for putting up with me.

3. When I’m using my cane these days it’s definitely because of my right knee.

4. When I go downstairs I often do it the normal way but when I don’t, it’s the right leg that goes first in “bad leg goes to hell” fashion.

5. I’m getting my strength and power back on the bike. I won a sprint segment on a group ride recently and hit 400 watts power for the first time since surgery.

Of course this won’t last. In two weeks it’ll be back to rehab and physio, but–I keep reminding myself–it’s better to do that from a place of strength. My left knee is ready for my left leg to be the good leg. Go left knee go!


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