Mlemsday with Fancy

Over on Twitter, the cats who rule the internet have deemed Wednesday to be Mlemsday and everyone posts pictures of cats with their tongues stuck out (known for some mysterious reason as “”Malens” or “bleps”). They all seem very relaxed and content.

On Sunday I had a fantastic riding lesson, finally figuring out how to do something my coach has spent years asking for. When I did it right, suddenly all my leg position issues disappeared. I could feel the difference in my body immediately.

So could Fancy. She relaxed her head downwards and stretched her back.

Afterwards, I was so pleased I asked my coach to take a picture. See that blep? Fancy was clearly relaxed and content.

Diane is sitting on Fancy, a very dark brown thoroughbred mare with a blue blanket on her hind end. Diane is wearing a helmet, red vest over a pale green jacket, and beige riding pants with black boots and chaps. They are in an arena with a sand floor.

Let us know what you think....