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35 Songs by Powerhouse Divas for a Truly Legendary Workout

Here’s a link to the playlist on Spotify.


The Whale’s Point of View by Kate Manne

The Whale is not a masterpiece – it’s a joyless, harmful fantasy of fat squalor by Lindy West

It’s Past Time to Get Rid of Fat Suits (The Same Way We Did Blackface) by Cate Young


“Just a normal gal taking on a big adventure. Cycling 3,659 miles over 67 days from San Francisco, CA to Topsail Beach, NC between 22 Aug and 27 Oct, 2022. “Self-supported” but with huge support from my wonderful friends and family and lovely strangers. When I was really tired or exceptionally hungry, scared of being hit by a car (very often, especially in places where there was animosity towards cyclists) or trampled by cows, lost in a dirt track wilderness or shedding a tear or two, capturing the moment on film was not even a consideration…so this video is very much a highlight reel; the result of hundreds of moments of thinking, “this place/sunset/animal is absolutely beautiful, I need to get my phone out”.

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Adventure Cycling:



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