Sam is back to the gym and feeling like a weekday warrior

You can tell I am back to the gym. Here are some no say subtle clues:

There are two or three gym bags on the floor of my room, packed with gym clothes, hoodies, and running shoes. There is a large pile of dirty laundry, all gym clothes. And I’m dressing for work in clothes that easily do double duty. I’m wearing yoga pants and black t-shirts with nice suit jackets over top.

I also have sore muscles and I’ve never been so happy about it. Muscle pain, not joint pain.

I’m getting stronger again and that feels good too.

I have visible leg muscles again. And that makes me smile.

Often I’m getting up and out of the house early and that doesn’t always make me smile.

What’s on the agenda is personal training twice a week (during the day) and in person physio at the clinic twice a week (in the evenings). These days even the physio feels like serious exercise. Single leg leg press, weighted sled pushing and pulling, and lots and lots of step ups.

This week I got into a bit of trouble because I was out of town Monday and Friday and so everything ended up crammed into a few days. So many push ups, so many deadlifts!

I’m riding my bike and doing aquafit on the weekends but all of the physio and all of the personal training is weekdays. Usually people worry about being weekend warriors. I’ve got a bit of reverse. I’m the weekday warrior.

And truth be told, I’m very happy to be able to be doing this much physical activity again.

Black exercise ball beside black exercise ball