68 days until spring for Sam!

March 20 is the first day of spring in Ontario.

Sunset will be at 7:33 pm.

Daylight savings will have begun on March 12.

And yes, I’m starting to count the days until spring.

I know, I said I didn’t mind January. But that’s the January of snow and sunshine. Instead this January is VERY GREY.

See Cloud funk got you down, Ontario? There is (sun)light at end of the tunnel (no light yet!) and “Ain’t much sunshine in this forecast as a weather system could bring some rain and snow to some parts of southern Ontario this week.”

There’s not even much snow. It’s rain and freezing rain and slippy roads and sidewalks. I haven’t even been attempting the 23 minutes outside everyday in 2023 thing. (Cate has though.)

On the plus side, it’s light just a little bit later now.

How are you holding on?

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3 thoughts on “68 days until spring for Sam!

  1. The sun shone brightly this afternoon. The front porch got warm enough to heat the house for a bit. That usually doesn’t happen until March. Part of me thought “Great! I can save on heat today!” while part of me thought, “It’s January. It’s supposed to be cold and there ought to be snow on the ground.”

  2. Only 68 days until I’m back on my summer bike. It’s finally cold enough that random strangers are commenting and asking questions about winter cycling. I’m still warmer on my bike than I would be trudging to work on foot.

  3. Only 62 now! While I’m having one of the best winters so far (my recent COVID infection being the big exception), I’m’ feeling excited and energized for getting out there and riding sooner rather than later!

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