Six Good Things on a Saturday

I’m still struggling here with pain and mobility and recovery from knee replacement surgery. It’s a slog.

But I thought I’d mention six good things that are new, in the spirit of reminding me that good things are happening by telling you about some of them.

First, for seven days in a row I’ve met my step target.

Second, for two weeks in a row I’ve met my weekly km goal in Zwift.

Third, there are now group rides I can do on Zwift. There’s the HERD of Thundering Turtles.

That’s Saturday morning for 90 minutes starting at 930 am. There’s also Seattle Baby Steps, Sunday at 11:15 am, another, 1.0-1.3 w/kg group ride.

“Are you looking for a supportive beginner or recovery ride? If so welcome to Seattle Baby Steps! This weekly ride will be paced at an average of 1.0-1.3 w/kg on the flats and is intended for riders who are newer, younger, older, and recovering from injuries. This is an enjoyable and conversational social ride where your participation is encouraged. Baby Steps’ goal is to help you build strength and confidence to try the hundreds of advanced rides, races, and events that are available every week on Zwift.”

During the week there is also EZR Take It EZ-er on Thursday nights, and Friday morning at 7 am there’s the HERD Kibbitz and Chinwag.

On this morning’s Thundering Turtles ride I stuck around for 50 minutes, my longest time riding since surgery. I let the red beacon sweep come back and get me. And even Strava says my fitness is improving.

Fitness increased!

Fourth, I’m going to a conference in Arizona in January and hoping to bring my bike along for the trip. It’ll be my first time back on a bike outside since knee replacement surgery. I’ve got no big speed or distance goals. I’m just looking forward to sunshine and riding my bike.

Fifth, I’m enjoying my new fancy gym even if aquafit isn’t my speed. There’s a great sauna and a hot tub and yummy protein shakes for sale for after. I don’t always get the protein shake but if I’m on my work it’s handy. It makes me feel pampered.

Sixth, I’m walking Cheddar again, getting out in the sun and the snow, and even though we don’t go very far it feels good.

Merry Christmas from Cheddar!

Cheddar is ready for the holidays