What to watch over the holidays: The fit feminist edition

Lately we’ve been talking about things to watch here on the Fit is a Feminist Issue blog. Most recently Catherine reviewed Limitless (I watched it too) and just before that I reviewed the first episode of The Human Playground.

I figured some of our readers might be sick of Hallmark holiday specials. I’m not a fan but by now even those who like them might need a break.

What might a fit feminist want to watch over the holidays?

I tried to persuade someone on the blog team to review The Swimmers. It’s on my ‘to watch’ list.

Nicole didn’t do a full length review but she watched it and has this to say about it, “The story of the Mardini sisters (Sara and Yusra) follows their journey as refugees to Germany during the Syrian war. They were both swimmers in Syria but Yusra is the one that wants to be in the Olympics and she was able to compete on the Refugee Olympic Athletes Team in the 2016 Rio Olympics. I found their story and the stories of the refugees very moving and made me wish I had paid more attention to the ROA athletes in 2016!”

What else is on the bloggers’ holiday watch list?

Diane says she loves old musicals (plus Anna and the Apocalypse, which is newer). She can sing her heart out and sometimes dance along.

Elan writes, “There’s no fitness room on the Kerberos, a turn-of-the-century steamship crossing the Atlantic in Netflix’s series *1899*, but the heroine still gets her mental and physical exercise in this ambitious, Inception-like story. Probably the neatest part is the international cast, who in the show must work together despite language barriers. Watch with English dubbing off.”

Nicole recommends the Junior British Bake-off, adding “lol it’s so cute.”

Here’s Martha’s picks: “I like both She Hulk and Ms Marvel for different reasons. She-Hulk, like Ms Marvel, shows how women are strong and resourceful even without their special powers. She-Hulk embraces her hulk self and demonstrates creative responses to the sexism and misogyny she encounters. Ms Marvel struggles with the racism she experiences and the clash between her family culture and that of the broader community. She enjoys being strong and using that strength for good in her community. In both series the physical action is realistic and positive. They are also a great deal of fun and worth spending time on as there’s lots to see on a second round. I also really like Ted Lasso. There’s not much about physical fitness for women, but the two female leads are confident, independent and resilient. They might get jerked around but they work hard. I also enjoyed the in depth look at relationships between men, sons and fathers, and uncles and nieces.”

Tracy says, “I really liked Karen Pirie (Britbox—very strong female lead as the young detective who is put on a cold case “because she is a woman” and the department has to save face. She has to persevere through the expectation that she will do poorly). Loved it.”

Here are Nat’s recommendations: “I thought last year’s Hawkeye limited series was a delight. It’s got some awesome athleticism with lots of strong women. Mz Marvel is so vivacious and touching. I love the inter generational story from great grandmother to the protagonist. The Hogfather, it’s silly and magical. And anytime I need to believe in people I watch Amélie.”

Susan, from the Hogfather

Amy says, “Not fitness related, but I just finished final season of Dead To Me – great feminist story about the bond between friends through good and bad (and bizarre) times.”

Catherine recommends the old movies of Esther Williams. Writes Catherine, “She was a competitive swimmer and consummate performer. She rose to fame in movies featuring elaborate production numbers with dozens of swimmers. In Million Dollar Mermaid, she really shows off her athleticism and magnetism.”

What, if anything, have you lined up for holiday viewing? What do you recommend we watch?