Christine is grumpy about her back

The title kind of says it all.

I know that a lot of things this time of year are metaphorically a pain in the neck (or a pain in the ass) but for the last 4-5 days all kinds of things have literally been a pain in the back for me.

And I am ANNOYED about it.

A GIF that zooms in on a very grumpy looking husky sitting on a carpeted floor.
A GIF that zooms in on a very grumpy looking husky sitting on a carpeted floor. The dog’s expression is an excellent approximation of how I feel right now.

Do I know that this may be, in part, related to the post-Covid lingering symptoms that a lot of people report?


Do I realize that, even though I tried to take it as easy as possible, the last few weeks have been kind of hectic and that my back likes to hold that kind of tension until later?


Do I know that I just have to accept what is, take good care of myself, and just do what I can?

Yes. Damn it.

BUT I can accept it without actually liking it so that raises another question:

Am I also allowed to be annoyed that my back is reacting now, just as I am getting to some of my favourite parts of holiday prep?

Oh hell, yes.

So, if you need me, I’ll be over here being grumpy, alternating between rest and gentle movement and, of course, drinking tea like it’s my job.

Here’s one of the stretches I‘m doing, in case you were wondering:

A video entitled ‘Relieve Lower Back Pain Real Time Stretch’ from the Ask Doctor Jo YouTube channel. The still image shows the title on the left in black letters and, on the right, shows Doctor Jo sitting in a back chair with a blue yoga mat behind her. She is wearing black pants and a tie dyed shirt and she is resting her left leg on the floor while she uses her clasped hands to pull her bent right leg toward her chest.