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Zwifting again! Zoom, zoom…

Zwift collage

I’m Zwifting again and it feels good.

I mean, I’ve been riding my bike on the trainer while watching Netflix. And then I graduated to just noodling around the virtual worlds not really paying much attention to speed or distance. I just aimed for 15 or 20 minutes on the bike.

Then I made some changes that make it feel like I’m actually back in the game. I lowered my seat to its usual height. I reset my FTP to something reasonable. I changed my weekly distance goal from 150 to 50 km. I might even make it this week!

Weekly distance goal 23.8/50 km

And then this week I started riding with the virtual pace partners that Zwift offers. I’m hanging at the back with the slowest one to start but it’s nice to have a group I can keep up with.

Tonight I added a new thing, a Zwift workout. Yes, it was short and yes I’ve lowered my FTP, but it was still fun doing intervals again. Zoom for 20 seconds, recover for 40. Zoom for 30 and recover for 30. Zoom 40, recover 10. And then back the other direction.

I’m still hoping to get out on a real bike sometime soon but given that we’re currently under a freezing rain advisory that won’t be this weekend.

Guelph’s weather forecast