I learned an important sentence in Spanish

We need to buy some new bicycles!

Necesitamos comprar unas bicicletas nuevas!

I’m still thinking about a new bike, either a new road bike that can fit wider, all surface tires, or a new gravel bike. See Sam has that look in her eyes, she’s thinking about bikes. Even Duolingo knows what I’m up to!

It’s 12 weeks past knee replacement now and I’ve riding my bike on the trainer, with the seat even at its usual height. It seems like I’ve got pretty good range of motion in my left knee. I’m ready to ride outside (just once or twice even) but the weather isn’t cooperating. I don’t want to risk falling on the snow or the ice. It’s also very cold out there. Brrrr.

I might have to wait until spring if I don’t make it somewhere warm to ride bikes this winter. But in the meantime I am bike browsing and thinking about my options.

One thought on “I learned an important sentence in Spanish

  1. I learned some important sentences while studying in Mexico. One teacher showed us an entire dictionary devoted to a single word. It is one of the more versatile words in English but is even more so in Spanish. It can function as pretty much any part of speech. They certainly didn’t teach it in high school Spanish. Funny, I just realized WordPress wants me to read another of your posts and says your knees said that to you. Quizás la rodilla merezca una bicicleta nueva. If you don’t give it one, it might talk to you like that again.

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