Come cheer us on and see us off! #f4lbr

Tomorrow is bike rally departure day. For more information see here. If you’re in Toronto and feel like cheering when we leave please come along.

We’re leaving from Corktown Common tomorrow morning. Things get underway at 7 am. There’s speeches etc at 8 and I think we ride away at 9.

There’s also currently a heat alert but I’m not thinking about that.

And it’s not too late to sponsor me here.

3 thoughts on “Come cheer us on and see us off! #f4lbr

  1. Wish I could be there to see y’all off! I remember well the spectacle, the speeches and the incredible feeling of being with so many like-minded and open-hearted cyclists. Enjoy!

      1. Yes! Just reread your comment. I’d love to do it on the e-bike! And see you soon…

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