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Training for multi-day bike adventures

Here is me on my pink Brompton commuting bike.

As we’re getting ready to leave for the Toronto-Montreal bike ride in support of Toronto’s People With Aids Foundation, I’m getting more questions from readers about how to train for big bike journeys.

The obvious part of my training plan are the long weekend rides that get longer as the summer goes on.

The less obvious part that I find makes a huge difference is riding everyday. I start using my bike every day, riding the long way to work and doing all errands by bike, pretty much whatever the weather.

Because there are two things that are hard about multiday long riding adventures. The first are the big distances, but the second is the everyday-ness of it. It’s not just riding far, it’s getting up the next day and doing it again.

You can train for that even if the distances aren’t the same.

Here’s me on my everyday bike riding the long way to work:

What else do you do when you’re training for big bike adventures?