Warrior Pose (Guest Post)

My name is Tara Clark and I am an avid yogi. I have been practicing yoga for many years and I recently became a certified instructor. Yoga has brought a tremendous amount of healing into my life. I first began practicing yoga to help with my asthma. I thought the breathing techniques would help and they have. Yoga quickly turned into a deeper healing practice allowing me to use my breathe with every movement to bring a sense of calmness and peace into my body, releasing memories and trauma and letting me know where I had work to do. I’ve spent many years healing my mind, body & spirit and now in my 50th year I feel strong, unwavering and fearless and for the most part I can live without judgement of myself. I am a warrior and I am surrounded by many others who model for me what true strength and compassion and love look like. I am grateful for all the other women warriors that have gone before me and walk alongside me. I get so much strength from their wisdom. Namaste 🙏