Would you garden naked?

I like messing about in gardens like many people. It’s great to be in the fresh air, seeing all the lovely green things thriving, hearing all the birds that make themselves at home in the trees, smelling the earth scent of excellent sun-baked compost …

Hands holding soil while light streams. Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

You get the picture.

I live on the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland. While the rest of the country has been overflowing with all the spring things for a couple of months, my tulips are only now poking up out of the ground, and the little scilla look absolutely frozen stiff.

When Sam said May 7 is World Naked Gardening Day, I laughed.

There was snow in Friday’s forecast, and if we are lucky, we may reach a high of 6 degrees C on Saturday itself.

Not gonna lie. Not going to be naked in May in my garden, nor for that matter, on any days where the temperature is more accomodating. When it gets warm, we get mosquitoes and when it gets hot, we get flies.

Nope, nope-ity, nope.

The founders of the day are pretty casual about it. In fact, they are so casual, in their approach, they are okay with Canada celebrating WNGD in June and New Zealand in the fall. Their goal is to celebrate gardening, body positivity, clothing-optional lifestyles, and so on. If that’s your thing, go for it. I know someone who likes to take a run naked when the first snow falls.

You do you, as Sam often says.

As for me, I’ll be out (and definitely well wrapped) to see how the lilac tree fared after Friday’s snowfall.

-MarthaFitat55 likes her cardio to be wind-chill free.

One thought on “Would you garden naked?

  1. This was fun to read. I’m with you! I love being naked. Beaches (under an umbrella). Swimming in the ocean. But, for example, the one time I went to Burning Man, my conclusion was that there is not enough sunscreen in the world for me to want to spend my days naked in the desert sunshine. And the mosquitos and flies you mention would be even less inviting. 🤣

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