More light than dark!

Sunrise 657 am, sunset 751 pm, in Guelph, Ontario

Regular blog readers know that I am not a fan of the winter dark.

It’s not just the usual seasonal affective disorder (though there is definitely that). I also have a degenerative eye condition, Fuchs’ dystrophy. “Fuchs dystrophy gets worse over time. Without a corneal transplant, a person with severe Fuchs dystrophy may become blind or have severe pain and very reduced vision.” See here.

And on the blog, here.

My mother has had a cornea transplant and eventually I will too.

But for now, I’m just not driving much at night when it gets worse. This means that in winter months I sometimes feel trapped at home in the evenings, though with the pandemic there was no going out anyway.

The tide has turned. Spring is here and there’s more light than dark. I can bike in the light and bike home in the light as well. Happy days are here again! More than the warmer temperatures, it’s the light I’m welcoming back.

Blue sky, sunrise