It’s the day to ditch your resolutions (#reblog, #TBT)

It’s actually well past the date most people leave their new year’s resolutions behind, but I am reblogging this post from last year because I like that it rounds up some alternative approaches–kinder, gentler approaches–we’ve offered here on the blog. Do you have other suggestions about moving on and making different choices that feel good to you?


Today’s The Official Day To Ditch Your Resolutions.

“January 17or Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day is popularly thought to be the day when a large number of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions. Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day gives you an excuse to forget your New Year’s resolutions.”

But you don’t have to quit. It’s not mandatory.

You have choices.

You can scale back and start smaller. That’s Tracy’s advice.

You can stick with it for now and quit later. I often like this one.

You can take a few days off and start again later. Last year Catherine started her new year February 9. Why Feb 9? It’s all arbitrary. You get to choose.

Christine has been posting daily tips to make keeping going easier.

Be kind to yourself. There’s a pandemic going on. You’re doing the best that you can.

Did you make…

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