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Sam’s Progress in Tour de Zwift 2022

That’s my progress so far in this year’s Tour de Zwift.

Actually, checks the app, I’ve done 8 since that screen was captured and now I have just 2 and 4 to make up. But also only 4 days to go!

What’s the Tour de Zwift:

From Zwift: “Chase adventure throughout the worlds of Zwift. Ride each stage once, or ride every route in each stage with the community beside you. Hop on the saddle and tear across fast flats or take a tour over dirt and up mountains, all the way to the tops of punchy climbs. Choose your journey and bring your inner explorer to life! The biggest party on wheels is about to start and you’re in! With 24 routes to explore, the adventure combos are endless! Sign up for can’t-miss events with the global community, go badge hunting, and unlock exclusive Tour swag.”

It’s definitely not a race, though lots of people informally “race” it.

From the FAQ:

Q: Is this a race?

A: No. You decide how your journey unfolds. As long as you finish the stage you’ll receive credit.

I’m definitely not racing since I’ve been doing the Tour rides on my recovery days after racing in the ZRL Tuesday series with TFC Dynamite and the Thursday night WTRL TTT series with TFC Phantom. I have been trying to stay with other riders though as these rides have double draft enabled and it’s lots easier to ride in a group as a result.

I’m good at signing up for things but sometimes completion can be an issue. Hey there Zwift Academy!

So, what’s my plan? This week is make up week so I have signed up for Let’s Get Dirty, Stage 4, Wednesday night at 730 pm and Stage 2, Mountain Madness, Sunday night at 8 pm.

Wish me luck!

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