Want to join our merry band for 222 workouts in 2022? Here’s how…

Interested in joining a supportive workout community focused on getting more movement into your days? The 220 workouts in 2020 rebranded to 221 workouts in 2021, and now is morphing again to 222 workouts in 2022. You’re welcome to join! This blog post from last year explains how.


A number of us here on the blog have been aiming to achieve 217 workouts in 2017, 218 workouts in 2018, 219 workouts in 2019, and 220 workouts in 2020.

Catherine blogged about it earlier today in her post Three year-long workout challenges: any lessonslearned?

In a move that will shock absolutely no one, we are all doing it again for 2021. There are actually two Facebook groups now, the original group and a somewhat smaller feminist spin off. That said, there are feminist bloggers in both groups and some of us like staying in touch with people in both groups and have stayed a member of both groups.

I asked Jason, the founder of the original group about new members for 2021 and he wrote back right away, “I’m indeed planning on 221 in 2021 and I’m always happy to have more like minded…

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