On “cancelling” Canada Day (#tbt, #reblog)

On The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation , we’re re-blogging Cate’s post from July 1 of this year on ‘cancelling’ Canada Day in light of the exposure of unmarked graves of children on the sites of former so-called “residential schools,” cultural assimilation centres for Indigenous children. It seemed like a good post to reread today.


Sarah, Sam and I had dinner together on a patio last Saturday, the first time we’d seen each other in person in a year and a half. It was wonderful and emotional to have them in the flesh, all three of us weathered a bit by the time, the lockdown, the COVID anxiety, the shifts in our moral urgency about our relationship as White people to racism, to structural inequity, and especially, to our identity as settlers. We were talking about the #CancelCanadaDay conversation, and our server overheard us.

“Nope! No Canada Day!” she said, confident about interrupting, emotional. “Not this year. We are finding dead babies everywhere. Just give it a goddamn MINUTE.”

For the non-Canadian readers who haven’t been tracking, unmarked graves of hundreds of children have recently been exposed on the sites of former “residential schools,” cultural assimilation centres for Indigenous children that operated in this country…

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