Work from Office: Changes and Challenges!

Mostly these days I’m back on campus, working in the Dean’s office.

On the bright side, I’m back to compartmentalized living, which I like. When I am at work, I’m at work, and when I am home, I am not at work. I’ve never been a big fan of working at home.

I like my work clothes. I’ve missed them. And I like seeing people. I’ve missed colleagues and students. And on the fitness front, I like the everyday exercise of walking around campus. I also like my bike commute. Today I also just rejoined the campus gym.

Here’s me, smiling in my office.

On the less bright side, I miss my home peeps–mum, Sarah, and Miles. I miss being able to de-stress after hard meetings by taking Cheddar for a walk. I miss Zoom calls with Lizzie on my shoulder. I miss my rompers and my leopard print crocs and lots of my silly but comfy #wfh clothes.

Here’s Lizzie contemplating her breakfast raspberry.

On balance though I’ve got to say I prefer working hard long days at work and then coming home and throwing on my home clothes and not working at all.

What #wfh life fitness stuff will stick around? Zwift for sure. Rowing for sure. At home yoga for sure (my yoga studio closed during the pandemic). TRX for sure. I’m glad I’ve got all these options.

This was my first day back with Cheddar looking out as I left for the office.

How about you? What’s your balance these days, of home and work, of everyday exercise and working out?

My pretty office plant

One thought on “Work from Office: Changes and Challenges!

  1. We are not back in the office. Plans to return sept 7 were scrapped.
    The future plans a 3 days office, 2 at home. My office has also moved from site, which is 45 km away, into Fort McMurray, about 10 minutes door to door. This is a huge plus.

    In the end, I love wfh. I can cook lunch. Almost all my work is online. I will rarely interact with anyone in person. Most of my coworkers are in calgary. I still hope that at some point I get transferred there. Sigh.

    I am getting a puppy next week. It seems like a good time, with wfh seeming indefinite and Cleo online schooling in grade 11. She will never return to traditional school. She hated it and the covid options have opened a million doors for her. It is amazing.

    I will be happy to wfh until spring. Every day is a gift.


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