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Bettina contemplates an e-bike

The truth is, my high-flying fitness plans aren’t going all that well. I’m swamped at work and life is… well, being life. I miss moving, but I just don’t have time to do more than swimming once a week and maaaaybe a run, if I’m lucky. I look at my count in the 221 in 2021 challenge and it’s just laughable at this point. There’s no way in hell I’m going to make it, and as a completionist this bugs me more than I’d like to admit.

A person on a teal-coloured e-bike.
Photo by Gotrax on Unsplash

So I’ve been thinking about how I could get more movement in. I used to get a lot of my exercise through my commute, either biking or running. But now that the tiny human goes to nursery at the staff kindergarten where I work, I’ve been going by car every day and I’ve completely lost those workouts. If you look at the old post about my run commute I’ve linked above, you’ll see that I work up a very steep hill from where I live. Biking up with a normal bike and a kid’s trailer is just not feasible.

That’s why I’m very seriously contemplating an e-bike. I see other parents with kids in the same daycare do it and I get an itch. It would be perfect. I’m going to do it, I just need to find the right bike and make friends with the idea of parting with a whole bunch of my hard-earned euros (wow, these things are expensive!). Wish me luck on my search!

9 thoughts on “Bettina contemplates an e-bike

    1. Haha my body and mind definitely want it! The logistics are much more complicated than just hopping in the car, but I think I’ll feel so much better.

  1. Sounds like a great idea! Keep us posted. By the way, I’m seriously thinking about getting one next year for myself, too. It’s a good addition and good option to have.

    1. Oooh excited to hear that you’re also thinking of joining the club. Let us know what you decide!

  2. Go for it! eBikes are a great solution to getting in some movement and replacing car trips! You could look into e-cargo bikes too. You can pop child seats in them and also do the shopping or other errands using it.

    1. I think a cargo one is too unwieldy for our hill. I’m thinking a gravel ebike might be a good solution for me. I love commuting with my normal gravel bike and I want something light and agile.

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