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Very early mornings? Sam’s tempted…

The most disturbing thing about accidentally walking up at 4 am is realizing some people do that so they can exercise.

And lately friends, I’ve been thinking about it.


Reason 1: My new tacx neo 2 smart trainer is so quiet I can actually get up and ride without waking anyone up.

Reason 2: I can race with the Australians on Zwift. Friends from my former cycling club are racing in this series. It’s 6:30 pm EADT which is 4:30 am my time. I could even shower after and have breakfast and still make an 8:30 am meeting on campus.

Reason 3: I don’t usually have difficulty getting to sleep but when I am worried I sometimes wake up too early. Racing would help with stress and stop me sitting around in bed early morning scrolling.

Reason 4. I used to do it. And I liked it. (Though I think what I liked best was breakfast after and then going to work.) See here and here and here and here for my changing thoughts through the years about early morning workouts.

Reason 5. I hopped up the other day and did Zwift Academy workout #3 at 6 am and it was weirdly more tolerable half awake. But 6 am isn’t 5 am….

White mug on a wooden table. The word on the mug, in black all caps, is BEGIN. Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

How about you? What’s early for you if you’re an early morning exerciser?

5 thoughts on “Very early mornings? Sam’s tempted…

  1. Not 4, but I’m definitely a morning person/exerciser. Get up most days by 6 and like to get my workout done before work/anything else.

  2. I like morning workouts on off days. An early morning bike ride is good. But I’d have to get up at 4 am to work out. Ughhh I like evening workouts but not to late. Its a happy balance. You got this!!!!

  3. I like it when I can make myself go to sleep early enough for it, but that part is really hard to do most days. This morning, my sciatic nerve did the job of waking me up at 6am, and no position in bed would ease it, so I got up and went for a long walk before breakfast and work. It was…okay.

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