Rebecca’s Private Idaho 2021 Funishment! (#gravel, #reblog)

A wonderful story of a gravel bike ride from Samantha C. Coleman. Reblogging from her blog, hellofunishment.

Hello Funishment!

Written by: Samantha C. Coleman


What an amazing full gravel bike experience. I have to first acknowledge that majority of people that came up to me thought they were speaking to the amazing Mirna Velerio, most known as the Mirnavator.

I normally get mistaken for Beyoncé, Just kidding. I kindly redirected that I’m Samantha from South Florida and not Mirna from Vermont and that she’s awesome and I’m a fan also! I am so glad she is well received so thanks Mirna for being awesome as it was an added riding bonus for me! She did the Tater Tot and kudos to her! I hope our paths cross again!

My husband Neil, first introduced me to Rebecca’s Private Idaho and in the beginning he was only attending. We then decided that I’m going after participating in a successful Rooted Vermont ride.

Our friends Gina and Rob…

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