Active wear skirts for his glory? Ew? (#reblog, #modesty, #feminity)

Two years I said I was not buying a swim dress. Well, friends. Times change. I broke down and bought one and I’m blogging about why tomorrow. You can be sure though that it’s not for religious reasons. I still agree with this blog post’s reaction to that idea!


I recently posted about school uniforms and the issue of making girls wear skirts (but then they might be less active because their movements are restricted) or making girls wear shorts or pants so they can play more freely (but then still telling girls what to wear.)

Notably North American readers of our Facebook page were upset with the idea of telling girls what to wear no matter whether it was skirts or pants.

We’ve written lots on the blog about running skirts and cycling in dresses, about pants as a liberatory clothing choice and as a thing to be avoided like the plague.


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