Kormyansko to Veliko Tărnovo: 70 km, 800 m. Persistence. (#reblog, #persistence, #fieldpoppy)

The second day of Cate’s biking travels, from grit to persistence.

My second day of riding was an exercise in persistence. But not persistence like, grit, pushing it hard, more like persistence when the journey owns me, giving myself over to it and accepting what it was.

The nutshell is that day 2 was more of day 1, but slightly less terrible. With Deyan’s advice, I modified the original route a bit and cut off 12 km and a climb to a monastery that looked like a saber tooth tiger fang. (His advice was key, or I would have tried to put myself onto a direct motorway, which was Not a Good Idea).

This part of Bulgaria is the edge of the mountains, very hilly, but the engineers, like engineers everywhere, have made the direct routes as flat as possible. So if you zipped the 50 or so direct kilometres in a car along the motorway, you might not even notice…

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