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Sam is Checking in for July

I don’t have a lot to say. July was a mostly happy blur. I mean summer had a slow start what with all the pandemic restrictions on activities and gatherings but when it got going, whoosh!

So for this month I’m just checking in with comics and memes.

How July began:

I’ve been suffering a bit with knee pain and yeah, this about captures it.

And then it was August 1, which has special meaning among academic friends. As a friend posted on social media, “Happy “I Didn’t Get Nearly Enough Done This Summer” Day, for all those who celebrate.”

I’ll be over here working and weeping and trying to get everything done.

And in the context of covid, it definitely felt like this!

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  1. Thanks, I enjoyed your post Sam. I hadn’t heard of “I Didn’t Get Nearly Enough Done This Summer” Day, but I’ve certainly felt it!

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