Cake as self care

I can’t help it — everytime I go shopping, I scan the headlines at the magazine stand. How else am I going to keep on top of the juicy celebrity gossip? I kid (no really!). I often miss some of the stuff in small type due to the required distancing, but I had no problems with this headline.

Image shows a magazine in the stand. Chatelaine’s cover features a pretty cake made with strawberries and pink icing. The headline reads: No matter how you slice it, It’s been tough. Eat some cake.

I have seen many people stressing about eating a cupcake at the best of times. It’s refreshing to see an acknowledgment that the past 16 months have been super stressful. Even if cake isn’t your thing, do something nice for yourself. Enjoy that strawberry, sniff that flower, lie in the field and look at the clouds We all deserve pleasure.

One thought on “Cake as self care

  1. Love it– better living through cake (actually or metaphorically). Also strawberries!

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